Contact Information

P. Douglas Yoder
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Atlanta, GA 30332
+1 404 385 2652
doug dot yoder at gatech dot edu

Graduate Students

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Jonathan Sculley       (,
  •        Thesis: Novel Modes of Charge Transport and Charge Domain Instability, and their Application to Room Temperature Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Signal Generation

    Current M.S. Students

  • Pratyush Manocha      
  •        Thesis: Density Functional Calculation of Impurity States in Wide Bandgap III-Nitride Semiconductors

    Former Ph.D. Students

  • Anusha Venkatachalam,
  •        Thesis: Investigation of Self-Heating and Macroscopic Built-In Polarization Effects on the Performance of III-V Nitride Devices
           Employer: Microchip, Inc.
  • Sriraaman Sridharan,
  •        Thesis: Design and Theoretical Study of Wurtzite GaN HEMTs and APDs via Electrothermal Monte Carlo Simulation
           Employer: Intel Corp.
  • Mahbub Satter,
  •        Thesis:Design and Theoretical Study of Wurtzite III-N Deep Ultraviolet Edge Emitting Laser Diodes via Electro-optical Simulation
           Employer: Intel Corp.
  • Karan Mehta,
  •        Thesis:Narrow Linewidth UV Laser Diodes for Atomic Clock Applications
           Employer: Intel Corp.

    Former M.S. Students

  • Timothy Philip,
  •        Thesis: Quantum Theory of Electron Transport Across Wells and Barriers
           Current: President's Graduate Research Fellow at UIUC

  • Margaret Fitzharris,
           Thesis: Intermodulation Distortion in High-Speed, High-Power Photodiodes
           Employer: Texas Instruments